Design Ideas And Painting Your Home

How to find a good contractor for the bigger jobs. If you are thinking of wall papering a room or two in your home there are a ton of options. One of the best ways to get started is to visit a local paint store and see what the latest trends are for wallpaper. Here is part of an article we found on It is an interesting look at your options when thinking of covering the wall with wallpaper.

To Get Started

Begin by taking a photo of your existing room and measuring its dimensions. Take these with you to the interior design or wall-covering store. Ask a specialist to help sort through options that will work well with your existing furnishings. The specialist will also help you pick the best wall for the new paper and estimate the amount to order.


Some papers can be hard to hang, especially fabrics, rolls with uncut edges and other designer papers. Always check the hanging instructions and ask the dealer about the difficulty level. If you’re a novice paperhanger or fall in love with a super-expensive paper, consider hiring a pro. The extra cost should be modest for a single wall, from $150 to $250.

Be sure to fill holes and smooth your wall before beginning. Rough spots might show through the paper. Then seal the wall surface with an acrylic primer. It dries hard and smooth. This allows you to slide the paper a bit more easily to tighten seams.

Cost: $122 for a double roll of the paper shown and $20 to $50 for supplies.

Time: Half to one full day, depending on the wall condition.

They had a bunch of great ideas for small projects around the home on this page – Be sure to check it out sometime.


If painting is on your mind, we know of this Vancouver house painter who does good work across most of the lower mainland. These are the right people to hire if you want quality painting work done on your home.

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If you were thinking of doing the work yourself, you will want to think about how old the paint is, how many layers of old paint there actually is on the place, and how much elbow grease will be needed to get it all off. You see, the old paint needs to be scrapped off, down to the wood in some places, so the new paint will adhere properly and last. The last thing you want it to see your hard work wasted because the paint is peeling.