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Emergency Plumbing Service West Point Grey

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Pioneer Plumbing and Heating is your go-to plumber in Vancouver for everything from a backed up toilet or a leaky faucet, to furnace repair, HVAC replacement, air conditioning repair and commercial boiler maintenance. Everything from a residential plumbing problem to commercial plumbing repair. We are there for you.

Emergency Plumbing Service in my Area in West Point Grey

Customer satisfaction is necessary for any service focused company who wishes to build their reputation. Satisfying a customer with quality service ensures the plumbing company who provided the service will be hired to work on a future project for that customer. Word of mouth advertisements and reviews from satisfied customers are the best tools for a business to acquire more customers and clients. Naturally, when you receive exceptional service from an organization, you will eventually recommend them to someone else like a friend or perhaps a relative.

This standard is applicable whenever you hire the likes of any plumbing service to put in all the plumbing needs in a building or house. The plumbing not just for setting up water pipes and basic plumbing fixtures. It includes water heating appliances, the whole kitchen and bathroom installations, which includes the sink in addition to shower and tub.

Other basic offerings of a plumbing service that the plumbing company should be able to provide are the fitting of busted pipes, waste disposal units and its cleaning and clearing of obstructed pipes. Most plumbing businesses also have gas and heating work plus equipment set up as an important aspect of their services. Professional plumbing businesses are exact versed on local codes which allows you to benefit from the comforts of home free from worry.

The Value of Repeat Business

When good work is performed, the recipient is happy. In many instances, this person will talk to a friend about the overall quality of service they received, thereby perpetuating referral advertising, which is the most beneficial lead any business will get. In such a scenario, any plumbing business that values their status and desires to work in the local community over long periods will make sure that the overall quality of their work is consistent.

State Plumbing Code and Guidelines

Different regualtions specific to the place where the business is located holds plumbing companies and services they provide. This ensures service quality and safety from businesses or individuals who perform these services . The trade needs to be regulated to guarantee the local government that only quality plumbing companies operate in the area. Whenever you need a plumber, search on-line for reviews on local companies and try to determine if they are the right fit for your needs.

Some individuals think they can do repair their own pipes but you must remember that you are still under the same laws and regulations that these companies are legally bound to. You may be putting your family, and possibly the entire building at risk if you attempt to carry out the task yourself. Hiring an accredited professional eliminates the frustration you would undergo as you try to repair things yourself. This removes the hassles you would face when attempting to fix a plugged or broken plumbing installation on your own. It is not worth compromising that small money for a service you know little about.

If you need a plumber call us for a quick quote by phone, so you know what you are looking at. Our office number – (604) 872-4946

No job too big or small, we can fix it. When you need a master plumber or are looking for plumbing services we are the logical choice. Recommended by your friends and neighbors as their go-to complete plumbing experts. No matter what the problem, you can count on us. For the fastest service, use this phrase in search plumbing services near me. Our name usually comes up


Pioneer Plumbing & Heating Inc
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Emergency Plumbing Service in my Area in West Point Grey


The Shock of Finding a Roof Leak

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If you suspect your roof is leaking then the first place you will want to look is in the attic. What you may discover in your attic is that the part of your roof which needs fixing will be located between two and three feet above the location of the watermark, which makes perfect sense because water flows not up, but down. One final roofing tip on the subject of who should repair your leaky roof is that if the wood on your roof has suffered actual damage, you need to turn the repairs over to a professional roofing contractor.

But the obvious aside, another of the most helpful roofing tips you will ever get is that you don’t always need to climb up to your roof top to determine if you have leaks. You can simply start poking around in your attic in search of watermarks. If they are present, then your roof needs some attention!

Materials You Will Need

No collection of roofing tips is of any value unless it discusses the materials you’ll need to have on hand before you can begin a roof repair. The first thing you’ll need, because they will be visible t o the rest of the world, are roofing shingles identical to the ones which need to be replaced. To determine how many of these shingles you must lay your hands on, you will simply multiply the length of the area to be repaired by its width, and divide the answer by one hundred.

The figure you get is the umber of roofing squares which will be required to complete your roof repair. What’s a roofing square?

A roofing square is the equivalent of three bundles of shingles, and is large enough to cover one hundred square feet of a roof. So one bundle of shingles will cover 33.3 square feet of roof. Another one of those useful roofing tips!

Up On The Roof

While you are up on the roof measuring the area to be repaired, sneak a peek at the condition of the roofing felt or tarpaper which is under the damaged shingles. If it is, take up a tiny sample of it to give to the roofing expert at your local hardware or home improvement store when you make the trip to order your roofing shingles. Fixing your tarpaper or roofing felt should be quite simple as long as you get the correct material.

We’ve passed along just a few roofing tips, but by using them you should find it fairly easy both to affect repairs on a small roofing problem and to install a few replacement shingles. But don’t kid yourself. All the roofing tips in the world will be useless if you are confronted with major repairs. If you are, save yourself the headache and call a qualified roofing contractor to handle the job.

Here is a great example of a roofing company who cares enough about their business to have a great looking website built and spend the time to get exposure online in their local area.

Amex Roofing and Drainage Ltd
323 Lynn Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7J 2C4
(604) 985-1859

Hours of operation:
Monday 9a.m.–3p.m.
Tuesday 9a.m.–3p.m.
Wednesday 9a.m.–3p.m.
Thursday 9a.m.–3p.m.
Friday 9a.m.–3p.m.

Vancouver Roof Repair Services

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Once a roof has been damaged, the best thing is to repair it. If you cannot repair your roof, things might get hard for you. You may have to deal with effects of a damaged roof. So as to repair your roof, you will need the services of Vancouver’s Reliable Roof Repair. This is because roof repair is an expert oriented job. It is important to ensure that you hire the services of experts in the industry, therefore, to help you make the right decision. In this way, you will be able to make things right.

It is good to note that you should call Reliable Roof Repair as soon as possible. Many people delay calling experts. In the end, many people end paying dearly for this. It is not good to be among those paying for failing to call a roofing company to fix something small before it gets out of hand. It is good to call experts as soon as possible. When you call experts early, you reduce damages. This is because you handle the problem before it gets worse. If you discover that there is a problem, therefore, it is important to hire the services of a reputable roofing company.

Even when you first start looking for a roofer, you need to hire the best. It is not good to wait until too late before you can determine a good company. If possible, you should look for a good roofing company when you have not experienced a problem. This is because you will stand a better chance of making right decision.

At all the times, you need to realize that good roofing services are a treasure. That is why you shouldn’t get tired until you hire the best. In general, it is good to hire companies that have open communication channels, excellent communication strategies, good customer care services and professional staff. It is also good to hire a company that is licensed, offer services for long and have a good track record for the period they have been in operation. Such companies will not let you down when a disaster strikes your roof.

Once you have hired the services of good roofers in Vancouver, you will need to sit down with experts discuss the problem. Your experts can give you various proposals. In some cases, you may be advised to replace the roof. This will only happen if damages are beyond repair. This can also happen if your roofing materials are close to their lifespan. Finally, this can happen if you intend to replace your roofing materials. In some cases, your roofer will help you to repair your roof. If this is the case, you will be able to enjoy your roof within a short period of time.

Finally, you need to take care of your roof. It is not always good to fail to take care of your roof. It is important to ensure that you take care of your roof at all times. You need to ensure that you hire an expert to help you maintain your roof. On the same note, you need to apply tips given to you by experts so as to enjoy your roof for longer.

Two Factors You Cannot Afford to Overlook When Choosing a Roofing Contractor

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When you noticed that you have a leak on your roof, you very first instinct was to fix the problem yourself right? After all, you are a very handy man and you could get to save yourself some money f you did it yourself. But when you went up the roof and assessed the situation, you realized that it is just too much for you to handle. A professional company needs to be called if a god job is to be done.

So you embarked on getting the best roofing contractor for the job. What seemed a an easy process, one that just needed to go to the internet, enter a keyword and make a call turned into an agonizing process. I mean, with the millions of results gotten, how is one expected to make a choice? How can one pick one company from the crowd as the best with all of them claiming to be the best in bold capital letters?

For a professional, the choice might be an easy one as they know what tells the companies apart but for a rookie, or one who is looking to undertake a onetime project and be done with it, it might come across as rocket science. But sorry t burst your bubble, choosing a roofing company contractor is just like choosing a car. There are some factors that you need to bear in mind. You should of course however, have in mind an image of what you want and you expectations as well as the job the car you intend to buy should do efficiently. That said, here is how you tell the Chicago roofing contractors apart.


In today’s world, the brand a business creates around itself is everything. You should not hire, let alone touch a company that does not have a brand that is appealing and seem to not have paid attention to it. if they cannot take time to create themselves and package themselves for you for their benefit, how sure are you they will go to the ends of the earth for you to make sure that you get what you need and deserve.

The logo and the colors they have will say a lot about them as will the design of their website. It should be professional yet very inviting and alluring.


If a company is good, there is no doubt that people will be talking about it having nothing but praises for it. I mean, isn’t it true that the best form of marketing is by word of mouth. This cannot be faced. If a client loves the work of a company, they surely will want their friends to benefit from the same and will recommend you to a certain company. If a company has no known reputation, if people do not even know that it exists, you should tread very carefully. You never know what might be waiting for you on the other side. I am guessing disaster. But do not wait to know.

The two qualities are imperative when looking for reputable Vancouver roofers. They will lead you to the crème de la crème of the business without breaking a sweat. After making these considerations, then and only then should you proceed to checking out the other factors such as insurance, licensing and price.

Design Ideas And Painting Your Home

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How to find a good contractor for the bigger jobs. If you are thinking of wall papering a room or two in your home there are a ton of options. One of the best ways to get started is to visit a local paint store and see what the latest trends are for wallpaper. Here is part of an article we found on It is an interesting look at your options when thinking of covering the wall with wallpaper.

To Get Started

Begin by taking a photo of your existing room and measuring its dimensions. Take these with you to the interior design or wall-covering store. Ask a specialist to help sort through options that will work well with your existing furnishings. The specialist will also help you pick the best wall for the new paper and estimate the amount to order.


Some papers can be hard to hang, especially fabrics, rolls with uncut edges and other designer papers. Always check the hanging instructions and ask the dealer about the difficulty level. If you’re a novice paperhanger or fall in love with a super-expensive paper, consider hiring a pro. The extra cost should be modest for a single wall, from $150 to $250.

Be sure to fill holes and smooth your wall before beginning. Rough spots might show through the paper. Then seal the wall surface with an acrylic primer. It dries hard and smooth. This allows you to slide the paper a bit more easily to tighten seams.

Cost: $122 for a double roll of the paper shown and $20 to $50 for supplies.

Time: Half to one full day, depending on the wall condition.

They had a bunch of great ideas for small projects around the home on this page – Be sure to check it out sometime.


If painting is on your mind, we know of this Vancouver house painter who does good work across most of the lower mainland. These are the right people to hire if you want quality painting work done on your home.

House Painters Vancouver is a company with three generations and decades of experience behind them. They specialize in painting older heritage homes and have a work guarantee most painting companies do not have. They guarantee five years on their workmanship. If anything is not to your satisfaction they will return and fix things. Customer satisfaction is how they have been able to grow their reputation in the GVRD and get so much repeat business.

If you were thinking of doing the work yourself, you will want to think about how old the paint is, how many layers of old paint there actually is on the place, and how much elbow grease will be needed to get it all off. You see, the old paint needs to be scrapped off, down to the wood in some places, so the new paint will adhere properly and last. The last thing you want it to see your hard work wasted because the paint is peeling.

Check Your Home’s Plumbing Regularly

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Imagine not having a plumbing system in your home. Such essential aspects of life such as your toilet, water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge and faucets would all fail to function.

Because the plumbing system in your home is such an important part of its infrastructure, maintaining it with a check up every year is highly recommended. Not knowing the problem signs, or just neglecting your plumbing system are the two biggest causes of issues and this handy check list can help you to avoid problems:

Check for Dripping Faucets

Dripping-FaucetA dripping faucet can indicate a bigger problem, and of course it can be a nuisance and waste money and water. Although you may need a professional plumber to check your dripping faucet, you can often fix the problem by simply tightening it yourself.

Slow Drains

A slight buildup in your drains can leads to a big one and a huge headache, meaning it’s best to have even a small buildup checked out. The problem is often solved by cleaning out your P-trap, although you should be wary of using a liquid cleaner as it can often cause more damage.


In the typical American home, over 45 percent of all water used is in the bathroom, with 27 percent used in the toilets alone. Regular maintenance, including checking for a leaking flapper, leaks at the toilet base and leaking fill valves, can make a big difference and help you save money in the bathroom. You can avoid even bigger problems by replacing the flapper every year, as this is the most common toilet problem.

Angle Stop Valves

Every plumbing fixture in your home typically has an angle stop valve underneath it, and there will be two of these valves if the fixture has a cold and hot outlet. If you need to repair the fixture in the event of an emergency, these valves can switch the water off, although turning them off and on at least once a year is recommended anyway. Replace these valves if you notice water leaking or dripping from them.

The Water Heater

In the typical home, around 25 percent of the energy used is for heating water, making the water heater one of the most important appliances in your home. You can keep your water heater in good working order by checking regularly for leaks on and around the unit, checking the T and P valve, and draining it every year.

The plumbing in your home is complex and as any homeowner knows, can also be costly to repair if anything goes wrong. The above items are just a few of the important plumbing fixtures and items in your home that you should carry out regular checks on, and hopefully avoid costly repairs.


Some homes are built in haste and things like the exterior plumbing is left exposed in a mild climate like that found on the north west coast. There are years when it drops below freezing for extended periods and that is when a frozen burst pipe turns into a panic situation for some people.  One of the easiest things you can do to guard against this is to get into the crawl space if you have one or check the perimeter of your home to see if there are any exposed pipes. Another way to find exposed pipes is to wait for them to burst and the wet spot becomes apparent.

But wait, there is an alternative. Have someone with the right tools and experience inspect your home for this lurking problem. The national franchise Mr Rooter is one such company. They have offices across North America and its likely there is one close to you. They are open 24 hours and specialize in emergency plumbing situations. Find the franchise closest to you and keep their contact info close at hand.

DIY Home Insulation Tips

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burst pipeOne of the most expensive repair bills homeowners get is the mess caused by frozen burst pipes. Burst plumbing causes a lot of damage before it gets noticed. If you are lucky you will spot it right away and only be faced with mopping the basement and drying the carpet and walls. If it goes unnoticed for days or weeks it can cause a mold problem, ruined drywall, and swollen framework behind the walls just to mention a few of the troubles. One of the best things you can do is make sure the insulation is done properly everywhere.

If you’re thinking about saving money on your heat bill this winter, here’s a 5-step Energy Audit:

1. Take a walk around the outside of your house and check for cracks around windows and doors where cold air can come in. Also examine brick work, stucco, siding and the foundation for any gaps. And be sure to check around gas and electric lines and plumbing, too.

2. Your next step is to get to the hardware store to purchase weather stripping, caulk and foam. The money you save on energy will be well worth the small price you pay for these materials. Then take your check list and plug those cracks and install the weather stripping. It shouldn’t take more than a couple hours depending on the amount of cracks and the size of your home.

3. Do a similar inside audit, check for air infiltration around windows, doors and switch plates on outside walls. To find air leaks use a piece of tissue on a tooth pick or an incense stick. Air coming in will make the tissue flag wave or disperse the incense smoke. Temporary caulking can be used around windows and then removed in the spring. Foam inserts behind switch plates will eliminate that infiltration problem (be sure power to switch plates is turned off when adding insulation).

4. Take your Energy Audit into the basement, attic or crawl space. Since insulation gets compacted over the years, add insulation to keep the heat from escaping. Check vents and duct work for leaks or separation.

5. Turn off the water supply to outside faucets, and even cover them with insulating material. Water damage caused by burst pipe can result in untimely, expensive repairs.

Tips About Frozen Pipes

If you need a 24 hour emergency plumbing service company call the number below.

Pioneer Plumbing & Heating Inc.
Phone: 604-872-4946
626 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5T 3K4

Is Your Kitchen Makeover Worthless? Read And Find Out

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You can change it in small methods and in significant methods. New lighting fixtures can be changed by a licensed electrical expert for less than a thousand dollars. Cabinet doors are made in a broad selection of styles for this function.Being a homeowner is a proud accomplishment. It means you get to incorporate your own personality into a home. Since your home’s your castle, choose improvements you make wisely. In this article, we present good advice on home improvement.

Find a new sink to use. Most kitchen sets include the installation of new cabinets or a new countertop. When the old stuff is torn out, you’ll lose the sink. This is perhaps the hardest part of a kitchen renovation, because the kitchen sink is normally used several times a day in the average household. Being without a sink is a real hardship, so before starting the renovation make sure you know which sink you’re going to use in its place. There may be a bathroom sink close by, or maybe a laundry sink. (Choose the bigger sink if you have a choice.) Place the things that you normally have around the kitchen sink — dish soap, dish cloths, scrubbing aids — near the new sink.

Once your free kitchen designs in Sydney ideas have been put together in a visual image, you’re ready to start looking around showrooms and talking to professionals. Show them your design, talk about the thought processes you’ve gone through and ask them what they can do to help you. Most kitchen designs in Sydney companies offer free consultations meaning you get more expert advice for nothing.

Baking cookies, breads or boiling cinnamon sticks in water will impart a welcoming sign to your home. Replacing old towels with new, color coded towels will give your bathroom a fresh look. Put out some fragrant soap and bathing oils in the bathroom. Dress up your kitchen cabinets Perth by arranging your best crockery and china items in an appealing style.

Remember Bre-X and their 200 million oz of gold claim, a complete fraud. That is exactly why the NI43-101 exists today, to prevent fraud and hyped up claims. When a company wants to do a NI43-101, take them very seriously!

If you are planning to have a renovation inside the house, it is necessary to always have an outline on which needs to be done first. After this, you need to prioritize some areas in your kitchen that would need to be renovated next. Are your tiles already worn out or it could stay for the next years? Or is your countertop in need of some major facelift? All of these questions could lessen the unnecessary work on your part.

When there are so many reasons to choose magnetic spice tins, you will see why they are so special as soon as you buy them. Your kitchen may soon become the most favorite room in your entire home.Settle other debt, once again interest not paid and hence saved.I proceeded to play the “What If” video game with Doris in order to get to the bottom of her issue.Many Australia kitchen renovation consist of the installation of brand-new cabinets or a new counter top. This will be a figuring out factor in the final kitchen designs in Sydney design. Which is the method it ought to constantly be anyhow.

15 Taboos About Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets You Should Never Share On Twitter

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Require time to learn the best ways to enhance your home and you’ll enjoy the benefits. There are numerous kitchen renovating concepts you can quickly get online. But when you lastly found one, keep his contact details.So where do you start? You start by looking up a local plumber. Ok, so you live in Los Angeles. Let’s call a Los Angeles plumber. Or you might live in San Fernando Valley, so what are you going to do? Yep, you guessed it. Call a San Fernando Valley area plumber. Going locally means that you are promoting local businesses and it makes for a much friendlier group of people coming into your residence and ripping apart your bathroom and kitchen.

modern kitchens showrooms by designers-Yahoo Australia Finance-2016-04-27-00-08-39

Look for aspects that will make you love your renovations more. When you prepare your plan for yourmodern kitchens showrooms by designers, try out ideas that have ever interested you. It is the snazzy ideas that will invoke your interest in the completion of the room. These specific features will be a depiction of your likes, class and style. Make a picture of the final end product of the bathroom renovations so that it works more like a vision than a simple job completed.

The exceptional cleaning power of this vacuum is amazing, considering its small size. The D24 model does have a narrow deck and would not be the first choice for fast cleaning of large homes, but the lightweight construction is a major plus. This model stores in any small closet or corner with ease. For larger spaces, the D25 is recommended, though slightly larger and heavier. The wider deck makes cleaning larger spaces a little faster with the same exceptional quality of the D24.

The services found on this website are all about renovating your existing house. Apart from the Northern Virginia kitchen designs in Sydney you can find services for every part of your house. Thus you will be able to change the looks of your home without leaving it.

Not one, not two but three estimates will suffice. This will give you more options to choose from. Of course, do not just hire the contractor who offers the lowest price quote. There are also a lot of things to consider such as “is he licensed” or “is he highly referred to you by your friends”. Of course, you must get your money’s worth. Hiring an affordable contractor who can deliver the job with utmost satisfaction should be your ultimate goal.

If you have a bandsaw, you can have even more fun with your kitchen cabinets Perth. Are you tired of cabinet doors? If you are, why not think about cutting out the middle of them. Then take some fabric and staple it to the edges of the doors, on the back. Then you can cover the staples with fabric trim and a glue gun. This is a good way to add some nice accents to your kitchen, and this is a terrific thing to do when you are looking for good kitchens’ designer effects. You can use fabrics that remind you of the country, like gingham and plaids or you may find that you are more interested in something more elegant with a more subtle pattern.

Tile work is very versatile. You can combine and contrast colors, shapes, scheme and layout. This may just be the missing element you need in your bathroom. Contact us today to discuss your redesign options. Our staff is waiting for you.

Because of this increase in popularity, kitchen design has become big business. When people look at a new home, the most important room seems to be the kitchen. The kitchen was once just another room in the house and all it had to do was function properly. Now, however, the kitchen has to work and look great at the same time. Is it time to take another look at what can be improved in your kitchen?The present decor or components might require updating to today’s requirements. With the walk in tub there is no have to remain on the floor, there is a seat. These will consist of both complimentary and paid options.They likewise recommended we move a counter to open the traffic circulation through the kitchen area. Lots of shiny surface areas can feel overwhelming in bigger kitchens. This will provide you more options to select from.

Ten Important Life Lessons New Kitchen Designs For Australia Taught Us

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The exact same with a carpenter who deal with decks, pergolas, and particularly larger projects like Australia kitchen renovation. It takes focus, commitment and a strong willingness to do the severe due diligence.Home improvement is a very broad subject. It can involve something small like painting one room, or it could be larger like remodeling an entire home. To make home improvement stress-free, follow these tips.

Another reason for bathroom renovations, is buying an old house. The present decor or fixtures may need updating to today’s standards. The changes could range from simple to complicated alterations. It all depends on what you feel needs a facelift. It is so simple to update the appearance of cabinets. Cabinet doors are easy to remove to install new ones this is done quite a bit inkitchen renovation checklistchelsea. Cabinet doors are made in a wide array of styles for this purpose.

kitchen renovation checklist-Best Business Schools Australia-2016-04-24-00-08-46

Besides measuring the length of the walls, you need to measure the heights. This would be the height to the ceiling, or the height of a half wall. If one or more sides of your kitchen are open, most kitchen designs in Sydney programs will work best if you write these open sides down as if there were walls. Put the heights for those imaginary walls very low, though.

Presidential Caramel kitchen cabinets Perth – just by hearing the name you will know that this is a special type of kitchen cabinet. Well of course you would want nothing but the best for people close to you so Presidential Caramel Cabinets can be the perfect gift. Caramel color gives stylish look for the kitchen but at the same time offer fabulous functionality so definitely this particular style is a real gem.

Ask how long he has been offering his carpenter services. Let us face the fact. The carpenter who has the most experience generally is more skilled in his craft than someone who has been doing it for only a year or two. But this is just one factor because you still have to look at his communication skills and reliability as a contractor.

Shelby Tydings the owner and opperator of Good Tydings Construction has installed these tubs as a subcontractor. Companies such as Premier Baths, Zon Walk in Baths, just to name 2, charge outragous prices for their tubs. They get these tubs from the manufacture for $1800 to $2000. Then pay a subcontractor $850 to $950 to install them. At $15,000 they are making an obscene profit.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations are important to every house. These two rooms are said to be the king and the queen of your house. Make sure that once you start the renovation, you will never stop thinking of ideas that will help in the improvement of these two rooms. Think of ideas that will describe you because these two rooms will give a definition of who you are.This is something you do not wish to rush into. Dish washers might vary in their shapes and sizes. The very first vital thing you require to eradicate has to do with the principle.They many method to develop your kitchen.A great deal of pre-cooked foods are available nowadays that just need a bit of warming. Specific shower devices are another option in location of this tub. Not everything has to match, as long as it fits.