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How To Estimate Plumbing Costs Yourself

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Home improvement stores have many plumbing products in stock these days making it easier for you to estimate how much a potential plumbing project might cost.

All you need to do to figure out basic plumbing costs is go to a Home Depot or a Lowes store and price out the parts needing to be repaired or replaced. So based on that assessment, you should be able to get a really good idea how much the materials will cost.

As far as the labor is concerned, a typical plumbing rates are $75 to $100 an hour. So if this is the kind of job where you need to hire a local plumber, then those are fairly good numbers to estimate the labor for the project. Try and figure out how much time the installation or repair work might take a plumber to complete, and multiply that by the cost per hour for the plumbing professional.

Make Two Or Three Calls

Most plumbing companies offer free estimates, and will come out to the work site, but when they arrive expect to pay a call-out fee if you turn down their offer. You should expect to pay for time and gas if they don’t get the work. In most cases you will pay the call out fee if you don’t book the company. If you only option is calling around, try to get a feel for the company judging by the way the phone is answered.
Your best bet is to ask someone you know for a referral, but in many cases you are left to your own devices when looking for a residential plumbing company the first time.

Some companies might use flat rate pricing, but either way they usually send their serviceman out to the job site for the estimate. You can decide to have them do the job for you or not based on that price. You might want to ask if there is a call out charge for the estimate before you ask them to come.

How To Videos Are a Good Indicator

So that’s a general guide of how to estimate costs. It’s good to have a basic idea in mind in case someone is trying to take advantage of the situation and pull the wool over your eyes. If the estimate is way off the mark, it’s possible you overlooked something, in which case the plumber should explain why there’s a discrepancy.